“Gay Toilet”: Thai temple goals to be extra welcoming, misses mark on gender neutral

One Thai temple trying to be a bit more progressive missed the mark in relation to gender impartial restrooms. Instead, they designated restrooms for homosexual men and lesbian women.
A picture of toilet sign saying ห้องน้ำตุ๊ด which means “Gay Toilet”’ and ห้องน้ำทอม which implies “Tomboy Toilet” went viral among Thai netizens. The signal and bathroom are positioned at Sarikaram Temple in Trang province.
The monk had good intentions. He mentioned that the temple welcomes individuals of all gender identities and he needs them to really feel comfortable, and never confused, when selecting which toilet to go to.
The monk also added that it has been six years since the bathrooms have been built, and there are lots of LGBTQ+ guests using them. Sale ends soon have even gathered and come again supporting the temple by cleaning or doing other group service as they noticed that the temple supported them. Thai netizens comment in a enjoyable and constructive way, saying that at least it is a good start..

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