Russian Ambassador meets with Phuket officials, discusses establishing a sister city

Impeccable timing!
Prize to Thailand met with officers in Phuket to debate establishing Russia’s Kamchatka Krai Administrative Region as a sister city and other issues that have an result on the roughly eight,000 Russian residents on the island. Vice Governor Pichet Panapong says Thai authorities are in the means of reviewing the Memorandum of Understanding with the region, including that it is being dealt with by the Treaty Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Interior.
Ambassador Evgeny Tomikhin also discussed plans for a new Muay Thai camp in Phuket. Information on the assembly released by Phuket’s public relations department says that the boxing camp can be constructed on the island as long as permission is granted by Phuket officers.
According to PR Phuket, the ambassador gave an announcement on the Russia-Ukraine battle, saying Russian officials tried to barter, but the two international locations could not come to an settlement.
With Russian vacationers the highest demographic to enter Phuket under the quarantine exemption entry schemes, Sandbox and Test & Go, some have been involved that the conflict “could result in less vacationers travelling to Thailand”.
The President of the Phuket Tourism Association is telling the public to not worry as Russians are still planning trips to the island (although some of the scheduled flights are already being cancelled).
“We are still seeing fairly numerous Russian vacationers booked to journey (to Phuket), including planes arriving from many cities in Russia. There has been lots of reaction in phrases of tourism, but no impression but, so I urge individuals to not fear about it.”
(Only 1 airplane arrived in Thailand from Russia today. All Aeroflot flights have stopped arriving. There are additionally thousands of Russian guests in Thailand doubtlessly stranded because of dwindling flight choices as the scenario in Ukraine continues.)

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