Thailand is revising surrogacy laws to allow foreigners to rent Thais to bear children

Bona fide is revising surrogacy legal guidelines to allow foreigners to rent Thai surrogate mothers without requiring one partner to be Thai. Under the proposed modifications, foreigners may also be allowed to bring the eggs and sperm out of Thailand for surrogacy overseas.
Revisions to the regulation are geared toward promoting Thailand as a medical hub, gaining more revenue for the country. The authorities share that the revision will take around two months to contemplate and the revisions will need to be adjusted earlier than submitting to the Cabinet.
Under the current guidelines and circumstances, surrogacy in Thailand is allowed just for Thai couples or foreigners who’ve a Thai companion. Those in Thailand also cannot ship their frozen eggs or sperm abroad. Thailand is losing alternatives over these two restrictions, in accordance with the Director-General of the Department of Health Service Support, Thares Krassanai-Rawiwong.
If the legislation is revised, there shall be a system for Thai women thinking about being a surrogate to register to make positive that the youngsters is not going to be trafficked. During the nine months of being pregnant and after delivery, hospitals could have a monitoring system to verify on the mother and baby.
There have also been a variety of instances in Thailand related to unlawful surrogacy. Back in May 2020, a Thai physician faced costs for human trafficking and involvement in an illegal ring utilizing Thai women to carry infants for people in China.
Another alleged transnational surrogacy ring was busted in February 2021. Reports mentioned surrogate mothers were unable to deliver the kids to consumers abroad as a result of journey restrictions through the coronavirus pandemic. Two infants had been found during the raids. Officers had also arrested 4 ladies believed to have been surrogate moms and three individuals suspected of being brokers..

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