5 yr previous Japanese boy recollects past life as Thai police officer

A five year old Japanese boy claims he has been reincarnated stating he can recall reminiscences from his former life as a high-ranking Thai police officer in the northern province of Lampang. He added that he chose to be reborn in Japan.
The reincarnation story of the 5 12 months outdated Japanese boy referred to as Naoto went viral on social media after a Thai Facebook web page and information agency translated and shared some components of the boy’s story by a Japanese researcher named Ohkado Masayuki.
The research title is: “An International Case of the Reincarnation Type: A Case of a Child Claiming to Have Lived in Thailand.” The full research report can be learn HERE.
Ohkado is a professor from the Faculty of Education at Chubu University in Japan who research the past-life memories of individuals. He received an e mail from Naoto’s mom and immediately started researching the boy’s previous life reminiscences.
According to the translation of the analysis posted on Working Along, Naoto’s mom revealed that her son told her that he remembered his previous life as a Thai citizen. She asked him questions about it and he might narrate the story very clearly and vividly. She was nervous about him and decided to seek ideas from Ohkada.
The boy claimed that he was born on January 2, 1901, within the northern province of Lampang. His title was Pijo/Picha, and his nickname was Gao. His household raised elephants, goats, and horses.
He also mentioned that he was a Thai police officer with a commissioner rank. He served in the place throughout World War II. He claimed that he knew former police officers such as the previous Director of the Police Department named Sawai Saenyakorn, Phao Siyanon, and Gustave Schau.
Naoto said that he died on obligation while he chased after a thief on a boat. Controversial crashed right into a rock and capsized and he drowned. He also defined how he was reborn saying that he chose to be born to his present mother in Japan.
The analysis report added that Naoto spoke some phrases just like the Thai language, such as “Pon Tam Eg,” which could come from “Pon Tam Ruat Eg” in Thai. The phrase means police common.
Ohkado concluded in his report that the proof was not sufficient to conclude that the boy was able to remember his previous life. He expressed his intention to check the case more and hoped to get cooperation from Thai specialists.
One of probably the most well-known stories of reincarnation in Thailand is about a boy named Krissana, who was born in 2008. He claimed to have been the reincarnation of a monk who had died in 2003.
Krissana was in a position to recall particulars of his earlier life, such because the names of his mother and father and siblings, and even the placement of the temple the place he had served as a monk. He additionally had a scar on his right shoulder, which matched the placement of a scar the previous monk had.

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