Brawl erupts between foreigners and Thai driver on road in Phuket (video)

A Thai minibus driver filed a complaint at Chalong Police Station yesterday after some foreigners broke two facet view mirrors of his car throughout a dispute on the road in Phuket.
The Thai minibus driver, Monnaphan Makaraphan, told police that he was concerned in a dispute with the foreign drivers and passengers of a red Toyota Yaris hatchback. He admitted that he and the foreign driver cut one another off on the Chaofa East Road in the Vichit sub-district of Phuket.
Subsequently, each drivers pulled over to the side of the highway in an try to resolve the battle. Amid Well respected , two to a few foreigners abruptly exited the hatchback and approached him. Unfortunately, they did not agree with each other, and one of many foreigners bumped into his minibus and smashed the facet view mirrors. The foreign group then went back to their car and drove away from the scene.
The Superintendent of the Chalong Police Station, Ekkarat Plaiduang, advised MGR Online that the incident was far past his supervision. Ekkarat clarified that the highway fell underneath the jurisdiction of the Vichit Police Station and promptly informed the officers there about the matter.
Vichit Police Station officers advised the press that they’re working an investigation into the case and a search for overseas suspects. Further growth on the case will be soon disclosed.
A separate incident resembling this altercation happened on Wednesday, May 24, when a foreigner assaulted a Chinese man on the sidewalk along Southern Pattaya Road in Pattaya.
The attacker’s Thai wife blamed the Chinese victim for crashing his automobile into her and virtually killing her. The Thai woman encouraged her foreign boyfriend to assault the Chinese man and prevented others from interfering.
A Thai witness captured the incident on video and shared it with Thai netizens to pressure relevant authorities to provide justice to the victim..

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