BREAKING: Bombshell particulars emerge in Koh Pha Ngan murder

BREAKING NEWS: In Koh Pha Ngan, after 29 yr previous rising star Spanish chef Daniel Sancho Bronchalo brutally murdered and carved up his alleged lover, 44 year outdated Edwin Arrieta Arteaga, the lacking prime half of his body has now been recovered. Components of the motive have been revealed but not confirmed.
The torso and head of the murdered Colombian businessman who owned a plastic surgery clinic were pulled from the north shore of the holiday party island Koh Pha Ngan inside the previous couple of hours. Bronchalo had reportedly confessed to police that he had carved up the physique and put some components in a suitcase, and last night time police recognized the owners of a kayak the chef had desperately attempted to hire and then buy earlier than utilizing to paddle out to sea and dump the body.
A coalition of officers and locals have been following leads and scouring the shores and coastal waters earlier than the suitcase was recovered and its grizzly contents verified.
While the crime happened on Buddha Day, just as thousands were flocking to the island for Full Moon Party, the homicide took place far from the party and was wholly unrelated. But the Spanish chef was reportedly escorted to the south of Pha Ngan to some areas overlooking the get together seaside earlier this afternoon when police mistakenly believed there could have been some further proof to gather there.
Perhaps probably the most surprising bit of new data to come back out is the unconfirmed suggestion that the homicide was not a legal offense of ardour within the second, however deliberate and premeditated homicide Bronchalo had deliberate and invited Arteaga to Pha Ngan specifically for.
Bronchalo had been reportedly picked up by the CCTV of Big C in Pha Ngan, shopping for large knives, garbage luggage and different tools earlier than the murder, and earlier than his alleged lover arrived on the island. It is believed that Bronchalo invited Arteaga to Koh Pha Ngan to murder him.
It is rumoured that his lover deliberate or asked to end their relationship with the Colombian man planning to marry a woman, however this information has not been confirmed.
Arteaga is believed to have arrived in Pha Ngan on August 2 and was murdered that very same day. The Spanish chef allegedly told police that he punched his lover in the face to stun him and then bashed his head in opposition to the kitchen sink till Arteaga was useless.
He then apparently used his culinary abilities with knives to carve up the physique. But he seemingly didn’t have a solid plan for disposing of the body, main him to buy a kayak in the center of the night to get rid of half, while rapidly dumping the opposite half in trash baggage at a neighborhood garbage drop web site.
Bronchalo is the son of famous Spanish actor Rodolfo Sancho who just a few months in the past was selling a brand new program on Netflix and the grandson of legendary actor Sancho Gracia, who in 1968 infamously had an affair with famend American actress and model Raquel Welch that led to her husband chasing Garcia round at gunpoint..

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