Burmese people have fun MFP General Election victory

In astonishing scenes, thousands of Burmese people gathered in Myanmar to have fun the 2023 General Election victory of the Move Forward Party (MFP). Burmese netizens made known that the MFP triumph will have a positive effect on the rights and well-being of Burmese employees in Thailand.
Local media businesses in Myanmar reported yesterday, May 15, that 1000’s of Burmese took to the streets proudly wearing orange MFP shirts to rejoice the party’s success.
Expert of a sea of Burmese people in orange shirts circulated on Thai and Burmese social media. Supporters are seen waving orange flags, wearing orange scarves, or painting their faces orange.
A lot of Burmese netizens supplied their heartfelt congratulations to the celebration and hoped the MFP may even prioritize the welfare of Burmese labourers in Thailand.
MFP member Katenakorn Potjanaworrapong revealed the party’s policy for migrant employees in Thailand during a debate on the subject of “The coverage to take care of and shield labour, and the policy against human trafficking in Thailand.”
Kartenakorn emphasised that the MFP regarded migrant staff as equals to Thai workers. The party has four main policies related to labour in Thailand, together with labour safety measures for each employee of every nationality, labour safety measures with the International Labour Organization (ILO) normal, labour welfare for everyone, and the simplified migrant worker registration processes.
The South China Morning Post reported lately that democratic political events such because the MFP and the Pheu Thai Party have garnered recognition among Burmese folks, surpassing that of conservative and military parties.
A Singaporean tutorial, a political observer, and an Australian scholar shared their perspectives on the MFP’s victory with the South China Morning Post. They consider that the victory of the MFP was expected to affect Thailand’s response to the situation in Myanmar. They instructed that the celebration should make cautious steps in Thailand’s relationship with Myanmar’s army rulers..

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