Chiang Rai: Deeper and deeper. Navy SEALS get to the third chamber.

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A SEAL unit of the Royal Thai Navy has reportedly reached a spot inside the Tham Luang, closer to the place the stranded thirteen are believed to be taking refuge. The seek for the 12 younger soccer players and their coach trapped within the Chiang Rai caves enters the second week right now.
A report on the Thai Navy SEAL webpage reviews that the unit arrived late this morning at an space generally identified as the 3rd chamber, which is about 2.5 kilometres from the so-called Pattaya Beach where the 13 people are believed to be stranded. It’s the second time that a rescue group has made it thus far.
Earlier on June 25, the first SEAL team arrived at the 3rd chamber the place footprints of the footballers were discovered. But at the time, the chamber was five metres underneath water. It’s been concluded that the 13 would have had to have moved deeper inside the cave.
Today the water degree in the chamber has receded to an extent where it has allowed the rescue team to plan to continue their probe.
Outside the caves an exercise was held simulating the evacuation of survivors. Spoiler that they had hit a few glitches which have now been ironed out so, when they really need to get to the hospitals shortly, one of the best situations had been worked out. The Governor cited problems with the visitors circulate which hampered ambulances transporting patients out of the area..

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