Historic temple’s deja vu catastrophe: Second blaze ravages Wat Ratchabantom in Ayutthaya

As a blaze ravaged the 400 12 months previous Wat Ratchabantom temple in Ayutthaya Province for the second time, the rear roof structure of its chapel, the principal Buddha statue, and numerous different sacred artefacts suffered significant injury. Police are presently investigating the reason for the fire, which broke out yesterday following a previous blaze.
The inferno yet once more erupted in the chapel, particularly consuming the timber and tile construction of the rear roof. It reportedly took about 20 minutes for firefighters to convey the scenario under management. Parian Chakornthammasopol, the abbot of Ratchabantom temple, narrated the events, detailing that the afternoon blaze began inside the chapel but was quickly restrained.
The preliminary damages included the charred roof beams of the chapel, manufactured from wooden and the heat-induced peel-off of the chapel’s wall paint. Furthermore, the principal Buddha picture, in addition to numerous Buddha statues housed inside the chapel, were badly affected by the intense heat of the blaze. Various chapel contents had been additionally caught within the destructive wave of the hearth, reported KhaoSod.
Authoritative cordoned off the world inside the chapel instantly after the incident to permit investigative officers to examine the scene and set up the basis cause of the fireplace. In the wake of the blaze, the temple arranged for village residents and monks to maintain vigil and guard the chapel.
However, within the small hours of the morning, while preparing for the morning prayer session and subsequent almsgiving ritual, the monks noticed one other flare-up of fireside on the chapel’s roof. Upon sighting this, they immediately alerted fireplace services to put out the blaze, hypothesising that residual warmth might have sparked this second outbreak..

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