Informant fears for all times after exposing drug cartel and corrupt officers

Dollar , known by the alias Jang Talat Phlu, has taken to the Sai Mai Tong Rod (Sai Mai Must Survive) Facebook web page, famend for its assist throughout Covid-19 lockdowns, fearing for his life. He alleges threats from each a police gang and a drug cartel he uncovered.
Jang claims that a deputy chief inspector and four junior inspectors, members of the Gang Look Moo (Piglet Gang) working from a Bangkok police station, are pursuing him. The group, led by a deputy chief inspector identified as Poo Kong Pong (Pol Capt Pong), targeted Jang after he facilitated a bribe payment to them.
Jang’s predicament started after a police raid on a Soi Taksin 19, Thon Buri district house in August last yr. The police apprehended a caretaker and confiscated 100,000 methamphetamine tablets. Following the raid, Jang received a phone call from an individual named Coke Bovi. This person requested assist in persuading the police to not arrest the drug’s proprietor. The police demanded a one million baht bribe to drop costs, and the owner managed to barter it down to 500,000 baht.
Jang acknowledged that he had recorded the telephone conversation with the police gang and the drug owner before the bribe was paid. Nevertheless, Coke Bovi was arrested early this year. This arrest led to the one who financed the bribe contacting Jang to demand a refund. Jang organized a gathering with Pong at a Talat Phlu nightspot to discuss the refund. However, fearing a setup, he sent a pal to his place.
Pong detained the good friend and initially refused to refund the money. He solely relented when Jang threatened to launch the audio recording of the bribe negotiation. According to Jang, Pong and his gang have been terrorising his household ever since. Additionally, the drug gang can be demanding a refund, leaving Jang in a precarious scenario, reported Bangkok Post.
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