Local espresso store fined 500 baht for tables placed on a crosswalk

Following the deadly accident where a police officer crashed his Ducati into a lady strolling throughout the crosswalk, authorities all through the nation are tightening measures around site visitors enforcement and dealing on methods to enhance pedestrian security. Many are now sharing photographs of just lately painted crosswalks, many painted a vibrant red to alert drivers to slow down. But one crosswalk in Ubon Ratchathani caught the attention of netizens. Not as a result of it was just lately painted, however because a local coffee stand had positioned tables for purchasers right on the crosswalk.
A picture shared online exhibits customers having fun with meals whereas sitting on the tables placed on the freshly painted crosswalk by Sanpasitthipasong Hospital. One desk was stuffed with dishes and condiments. After the photo went viral online, the store was charged 500 baht for setting up shop on the crosswalk.
The Deputy-Mayor shared with the Thai media that the store truly sells like this every day, but the color of the crosswalk wasn’t noticeable like this. With ติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์ที่อยุ่อาศัย of paint clearly marking the crosswalk, it is clear that the shop is violating the legal guidelines by establishing the tables..

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