Mercedes driver faces charges after road rage incident with taxi in Phuket

A street rage incident involving a Mercedes Benz driver and a taxi driver close to the Darasamut Intersection in Phuket, Thailand, resulted in the former dealing with expenses for his violent response. The occasion happened on a Saturday evening in September and quickly escalated when the green plate taxi allegedly reduce off the Mercedes Benz.
The 38 yr old taxi driver, Teerapat Phuob was initially from Kalasin and had his car registered in Bangkok. Final reported the road rage incident to Wichit Police at 10.33pm that evening. The conflict occurred simply minutes before, round 10.17pm, in accordance with Teerapat. He had two French vacationers in his taxi at the time, having picked them up from the Naka Weekend Market, and was en route to Marin Plaza in Patong.
Teerapat explained to the police that he needed to get into the left lane to proceed his journey to Patong, and as a end result of running out of space, he moved throughout in front of the Mercedes Benz. He admitted that he didn’t sign his intention to change lanes abruptly, however he did flash his hazard lights as a method of thanking the automotive behind him.
The situation escalated when the Mercedes Benz collided with the taxi and stopped abruptly in entrance of it, and the motive force, identified as Weerayut Srimuang, started verbally abusing Teerapat for his driving. Weerayut’s angry tirade included explicit and impolite phrases, and he even requested Teerapat if he wished to see a gun. Despite Teerapat’s apologies, Weerayut punched him within the face thrice before leaving the scene.
Both people met at Wichit Police Station the next day to apologise to each other. Teerapat expressed his shock on the highway rage incident, stating that it had by no means happened before. He additionally voiced concerns about his work and the necessity to shield himself, given his duties in the direction of his household. Weerayut, however, apologised for his actions, attributing them to his brief mood.
However, Deputy Chief of Wichit Police, Police Lieutenant Colonel Surachart Thongyai, confirmed that Weerayut now faced charges of assault, drunk driving, and utilizing threats to intimidate and trigger worry among others.
Discussions are currently underway to determine the amount of damages to be paid for the repairs to Teerapat’s taxi. Teerapat has filed a claim for damages of one hundred,000 baht, which includes the revenue lost while the taxi undergoes repairs, The Phuket News reported.
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