Missing boy’s physique found in Kraw River after motorcycle collision

A tragic finish has come to the story of a 14 year old boy who has been lacking since a motorcycle accident on a bridge flung him into the river below. After searches have been hampered by strong currents and the darkness of night time, at around 11.30am, the boy was found. After Luxurious by divers and locals, Yodsapon’s physique was discovered just 15 metres away from the old bridge structure, hooked up to a metallic grappling hook.
The harrowing accident occurred in the midst of a bridge over Kraw River in Bor Thong, Kabin Buri, in Prachinburi province when the young boy’s motorbike collided with a pickup truck. The high velocity of the impression flung him into the waters under.
The incident occurred around 12.35am, when the minor was coming back from buying items from a convenience store. His bike collided with a pickup truck mid-bridge. The force from the impression on the truck caused Yodsapon to fall into the Kraw River. With water operating about three to 4 metres deep, the river forms the headwaters of Prachin Buri River.
The rescue staff from the Sajja Phutthatham Foundation of Thailand in Kabin Buri and helpful locals have labored tirelessly for hours to find the missing younger boy. Despite the continual search throughout the night time by rescue items and divers, the younger boy, identified as Yodsapon, remained lacking.
The search operation concerned greater than 30 villagers who aided in scanning the accident scene, notably the vicinity around the bridge and down the river utilizing nets. Hundreds of residents came to specific their support and hope for the boy’s rescue. However, despite their concerted effort, they have been yet to safe any indicators of the tragic missing boy.
In a heartbreaking scene, Kunta, the mom of Yodsapon, carried out a candle-lighting ceremony pleading for divine intervention to search out her son. At around eleven.30am, Yodsapon’s body was found. Despite thorough looking and fears he had been swept downstream, the missing boy’s lifeless body was ensnared in a grappling hook a mere 15 metres from the bridge.
Upon seeing her son’s body, Kunta fainted from shock. Devastated and sorrowful, she was unable to utter a word once Yodsapon’s physique was discovered. The mother and father and relatives, who have been shocked by the incident, expressed their grief and pain.
Yodsapon’s father Wuttana consulted a psychic who affirmed that Yodsapon’s physique could be near the previous bridge footing. Despite not immediately finding the placement projected by the psychic, the grieving father said they would continue to attend, regardless of how long it’d take.
With two sons within the family, the heart-rendering accident has cost the household the life of their youngest child. Yodsapon’s older brother, Kalachai, acknowledged that his sibling had shared his plans to ride to the market for buying before the deadly accident occurred.
As the household grapples with this tragedy, Deputy Station Officer-in-charge, Pramot Sasethee from the Kabin Buri Police Station, together with a medical staff from Kabin Buri Hospital, is about to hold out further autopsy procedures on Yodsapon’s body..

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