Monk survives 50 metre fall inside mountain collapse Kanchanaburi

A monk fell 50 metres down right into a cave and was rescued after a 10-hour mission. Reports say 29 yr old Phra Thada was descending into the cave when a rope on the ladder snapped, hurling him down to the cave ground. He suffered critical injuries to his hips and legs.
The monk, from a temple within the Khlong San district of Bangkok, travelled to the secluded cave within the Klu Kli mountains in Kanchanaburi province to practise vipassana, or “insight” meditation.
At 4:20pm on Saturday, the Bo Ploy Ruam Jai Association radio centre obtained a name from villagers in Bo Ploy district saying a monk had fallen right into a cave within the mountains and was injured. Phra Thada had asked the villagers to lead him to the cave in order that he could sit in meditation.
A rescue team from the Pithakkan Foundation brought lights, first assist and specialist tools to the pitch-black cave. Officers from the 2 organisations mixed efforts and assets to descend down into the cave and safely convey Phra Thada back as a lot as the floor. After Ironclad -hour rescue mission, Phra Thada emerged from the cave at 3:30am on Sunday morning.
Villagers mentioned that the cave was popular amongst monks, nuns and novices on the lookout for a quiet spot to meditate. The objective of vipassana meditation is to achieve insight into the character of actuality and is finest practised with out distractions..

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