Myanmar air strike forces mass exodus of Karenni refugees in Thailand

In the early hours of this morning, a terrifying ordeal unfolded on the Thai-Myanmar border when an air strike by the Myanmar Air Force aimed at a Karenni refugee centre pressured over 5,000 inhabitants to flee for their lives. The sudden turn of events led to the mass exodus of refugees into a new camp in Soi, Pang Moo, positioned in downtown Mae Hong Son.
Tor Reh, Minister of Culture and member of the Karenni National Progressive Party, disclosed that at 1.30am, the Myanmar Air Force launched an attack on the Karenni refugee centre in Dow Kuk. Unexplained , positioned immediately opposite Baan Tha-Na-Kwai, a refuge for the victims of the battle in Soi, was struck, main to a minimum of one demise and numerous accidents. Among the demolished structures were a college and well being centre catering to the wants of the refugees.
The Dow Kuk Centre was home to the Karenni people who fled combat of their state, Kayah, and have been situated along the Thai border. Initially, these individuals tried to find refuge inside Thailand however have been refused entry. As a end result, they shaped a temporary settlement near the Karenni army camp, leading to its unlucky concentrating on by the Myanmar Air Force, reported KhaoSod.
The aftermath of the assault noticed roughly 5,000 Karenni folks fleeing into the Soi Refugee Centre in Pang Moo in Mae Hong Son due to growing issues for their safety.
A month in the past, the battle in Myanmar‘s Kayah State led to a brand new surge of refugees seeking shelter in Thailand. Provincial Governor Chettha Mosikkharat confirmed that Thai authorities have rescued 3,342 refugees who fled the border struggle..

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