Mysterious hospital mattress motion sparks confusion: ghost or glitch?

A hospital bed used for transferring patients is elevating eyebrows after it was witnessed shifting and spontaneously adjusting itself. On Sunday, August thirteen, a video on Facebook, posted by a person named Mot Kpt, abruptly went viral showcasing this uncanny phenomenon. The footage depicts an unattended hospital bed, elevating by itself.
The mattress is a guide unit, not an electrical one, so no electronic malfunction could have caused the motion. The strange adjustment stays a mystery as viewers grapple with whether this is a supernatural prevalence or merely a technical glitch.
The visuals prompted dialogue on-line, with viewers expressing their unsettled emotions. Astonishing of the video, a 40 yr outdated Thai man generally identified as Aekachai serves as a volunteer at Krabi Pittakpracha Rescue Foundation. He was determined to validate this video he shot.
The mysterious transferring mattress is attached to a Bangkok-registered emergency van, parked within the rescue foundation’s storage. Aekachai offered a detailed demonstration to reporters, meticulously testing the mattress by prodding and shaking it. However, there was no signal that it might move on its own.
Aekachai shared particulars of the unnerving experience. He said it occurred on August 3 around midday, while he was just getting ready to begin his every day duties. He was cleansing the automobile when he observed the motion of the hospital bed slowly adjusting itself, which understandably alarmed him.
He promptly decided to document the strange occasion on his cellphone. Aekachai emphasised that this was not contrived content he posted with the hopes of Internet fame.
The bed operates on a guide system, not an electric one. Although he admitted his disbelief in paranormal actions, he doesn’t entirely dismiss the idea after witnessing the mattress transfer on its own. When analysed scientifically, he guesses the phenomenon could be attributed to a defective shock-absorbing device.
An official at the Foundation instructed a extra pragmatic problem which will have brought on the mattress motion. They mentioned such incidents are unlikely to be supernatural but could presumably be attributed to the ageing equipment. The shock absorber, liable for controlling the bed’s adjustments, could additionally be worn out due to extended use over time..

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