Officials monitor non secular providing costs amid Visakha Bucha preparations

Udom Srisomsong, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade, revealed that as a outcome of upcoming important Buddhist holiday, Visakha Bucha Day, people are keen to purchase merit-making sets and Thai Dharma sets to offer to monks. As a end result, the department has despatched officers to inspect the prices of those products at markets in Bangkok, similar to Huay Kwang and Chan Hun Bamphen markets, and close by shops, to have the ability to prevent any price manipulation by business operators.
During the inspection, it was found that businesses have cooperated absolutely with authorities by following the law. The department requested them to display detailed product and repair prices, specifying the retail price for every item and their weight, packaging amount and value, together with the container prices. The textual content and numbers (FONT) should be displayed in a minimal of size 16. This is to ensure fairness for shoppers, who should pay the exact value as displayed on signs without any unjustified worth will increase. No obligation are also advised to compare prices and quality earlier than making a purchase.
Moreover, through the inspection of recent meals product costs, it was found that pork has had a previous farm gate value improve, however retail costs have remained stable at a hundred and fifty to 160 baht ($US4 to 4.6) per kilogram. Lime prices have continued to decrease from a median of 5.3 to five.5 baht ($US0.16) per piece to four to five baht ($US 0.15). Yard-long bean costs have dropped from 90 to a hundred baht ($US2.8)/kg to 70 to eighty baht ($US2.30)/kilogram, and pink Jinda chilli prices have gone down from one hundred baht($US2.8)/kilogram to eighty baht ($US 2.30)/kilogram. These changes are as a result of increased rainfall, improved yields, and decreased production damage..

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