Pattaya restaurant busted serving alcohol for the fourth time

Fourth time’s the charm? After three earlier raids with apparently little effect, the Pattaya Police have once once more raided a restaurant near Bali Hai for breaking Covid-19 restrictions, promoting alcohol and shisha. The raid occurred last night and police found about 100 people on the restaurant that weren’t sporting masks, socially distancing, or taking any Covid-19 safety precautions.
This time police named Sky Mountain restaurant because the venue that repeatedly ignores Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions and has been operating illegally. In this raid, police discovered about 100 clients, both Thai and foreign nationals, gathered to celebration, consuming regardless of the alcohol ban in Pattaya and a lot of the nation. Some prospects had been also caught smoking shisha, a typical and well-liked exercise at clubs all over the country despite it being unlawful in Thailand.
Free , clients weren’t taken into custody or issued any punishment or fantastic, and police released all the patrons after the raid concluded. The caretaker of the restaurant, however, was transported to the Pattaya City Police Station and is being charged with opening an leisure venue illegally, selling alcohol and shisha illegally, and violating the Chon Buri Disease Control Orders.
While it appears that the paltry fines and lack of punishment have allowed the restaurant to brazenly proceed to function whereas different law-abiding companies stay closed and wrestle to outlive, police declare that prosecuting is coming. They say that authorized paperwork has been filed against the restaurant on account of the primary three raids and that the case was working its way by way of the provincial and court authorities.
Police say that whereas the authorized proceedings have been still pending, the business continues to have the power to operate as a restaurant in the meantime, although the dearth of Covid-19 safety measures and the sale of alcohol and shisha are definitely illegal. Once Final is accomplished, the venue might face long-term closures as punishment for their continued lawbreaking.
Alcohol has been banned from being served at any establishment for many months now, and it was hoped the ban would be lifted in December, however today’s CCSA assembly introduced that reopening of entertainment venues and nightlife is not going to be thought of till January 15 on the earliest.
A few Blue Zone tourist areas like Phuket, Bangkok and Koh Samui have been allowed to serve alcohol at restaurants, and it wasn’t clear if there was any probability these zones can be allowed to open nightlife any sooner as Thailand attempts to woo international tourists, lots of which are hesitant to return for an alcohol-free holiday..

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