Policeman falls asleep behind the wheel and crashes into roadside pole in Phang Nga

SCREENSHOT: Newshawk Phuket
On October 12, a pick-up truck was involved in a horrific street incident on Ban Dok Daeng – Ban Bangsai, Takuapa, in Phang Nga. Luckily the driving force, a local policeman, survived but was trapped inside the car whereas emergency responders figured out the method to get him out.
The vehicles was in such bad shape that the rescue staff had to use the hydraulic jaws to pry open the automotive and rescue the trapped driver, Pol. Snr. Sgt. Chainarong Waratikul, from Talad Yai Police Station, in Takuapa.
The blue Isuzu pick-up truck, with Phang Nga plates, crashed into a high-voltage electric pole and nearly fully destroyed the entrance and side of the automobile, especially on the driver’s side the place the roof collapsed.
Replicate was difficult as the crushed roof was pressing the driving force into the seat and the staff had to make use of a machine to chop open the roof into pieces, which took about half an hour, earlier than they managed to get him out and then rushed him to the Bangsai Hospital.
He told the group that he was driving alone from the police station and when he arrived on the scene of the crash, a sharp curve, he was feeling exhausted and probably fell asleep, losing management of the automobile ensuing in the accident.
STORY: Newshawk Phuket

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