Professional Muay Thai fighter trains Thai and US troops

As a particular instructor, Thailand’s internationally identified Muay Thai boxer, Buakaw Banchamek, has been coaching Muay Thai to Thai and US troopers taking part within the joint train Hanuman Guardian 2022, which is taking place in Thailand’s central province of Lop Buri.
Buakaw, who is currently a military officer, taught theoretical and practical methods on Monday in the thirty first Infantry Regiment’s camp, like tips on how to warm up earlier than a struggle, tips on how to punch, do knee strikes, execute kicks and tips on how to present respect to the instructors.
The 39 year old has earned loads of title belts and gained numerous international matches. To no surprise, he’s a household title in Thailand. Light can be a member of Thailand’s National Kick Boxing Association’s board of directors.
The American soldiers who took part in the training looked eager and pleased with Buakaw’s steering. They requested that he sign their Thai boxing trunks.
Thai and US army co-host Hanuman Guardian, an annual bilateral military exercise. It might be held from February 11 to March 24 this yr..

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