Profile: Sirirat Rattanasuanjig – it’s all on the playing cards

Fortune teller Sirirat Rattanasuanjig, or ‘Adina’ as she is best recognized, had a near-death expertise when she was a child. She was a bystander as a pair had been quarreling. One of them had a knife which ended up embedded in her chest.
She was rushed to the hospital and practically died from her injury, but eventually pulled through. The near-death experience, she says, turned out to be a gift that has given her psychic abilities, which she makes use of to seek the advice of people on life issues and tell fortunes with tarot playing cards.
Over the previous ten years Adina’s distinctive ability to see inside people’s hearts and minds to offer advice on their life’s path has earned her a popularity as a revered fortune teller and lots of of her clients are A-list celebrities, politicians and rich enterprise folks.
Adina travels between Phuket and Bangkok to fulfill with her purchasers, for which she earns about 20,000 baht a week.
For her, fortune telling was a vocation that developed naturally over time, however as a business it’s one which requires little financial funding. Of Quick s not one thing just anybody can do.
While some might consider fortune telling and psychic skills pseudo science, Adina insists that if she wasn’t telling the reality to her purchasers, she wouldn’t have saved them for thus long. “The people I work with see that I know their past and may predict their future, or a minimum of give them advice on the decisions they’ll make.”
“Fortune telling is a multi-disciplinary apply that brings collectively the supernatural, psychology and likelihood. Fortune tellers should be well versed in all these areas to do their job correctly.”
Adina says her job is to ‘heal minds’, which isn’t one thing people with a troubled mind can all the time do on their very own. Calling in a fortune teller is commonly the last resort.
“People call on me once they can’t clear up their issues by themselves. They need to know what will happen of their future. It’s human nature, actually. Some come to me in tears. Maybe their enterprise has gone down the tubes or they’re troubled about love issues, so we turn out to be a personal marketing consultant.
“We can’t always know every little thing about their previous, but we are ready to see the consequences previous events have had on their current state of affairs. This is the place information of psychology comes in… typically it’s necessary to tell a white lie.”
But “the cards don’t lie” says Adina. Each card has a meaning.
“The cards you choose are for your own story. I ask people to shuffle the playing cards to start a studying. Some will shuffle the playing cards seven occasions and others only three times. These actions are all a half of the client telling his or her story,” she says.
In tarot, nine is the magic number. In a studying, Adina tells her shoppers to choose only 9 playing cards from the complete set unfold face down in front of them.
“These 9 cards inform a life-time story – the previous, the present and the future,” she says..

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