Shocking outcome: Electrifying mishap on apartment balcony leaves painter with First-Degree burns (video)

A painter suffered from First-Degree burns after being electrocuted while painting a rental balcony near an electrical energy pole in southern Thailand.
According to Hush-hush , the shocking incident occurred to the unnamed victim at 11am yesterday when he was painting the outside of a third-floor balcony in the southern province of Songkhla.
The man accidentally touched the high-voltage electrical wire with a 4-metre iron rod, leading to an electric shock which waltzed via his body and turned him into a ball of fireplace shocking nearby bystanders.
The building proprietor rushed to assist the man by pouring a bucket of water over his body to extinguish the fireplace. The flames have been quelled however the man bore First-Degree burns to his body. The rescue group then rushed the person to a nearby hospital.
The electric pole and overhead electrical and communication wires turned enflamed, triggered by the electric shock. Firefighters later arrived at the scene to control the blaze.
This is not the primary time an accident has occurred with the painters who labored on a constructing website. A related accident was reported in Chon Buri in 2013 when a painter by chance touched a high-voltage electrical wire with an aluminium-handled brush while portray on a building rooftop.
Another similar accident occurred in December final 12 months involving a painter in the southern province of Trang.
The paint roller brush was on the end of an extended aluminium rod. With its length and the height of the constructing, many painters by chance touched the electric poles and the overhanging wires when attempting to paint.
The electrical authorities commented that they advocate the residence’s owner and/or the portray group contact the related authorities earlier than beginning work. The electrical authorities stated that they will cover the doubtless dangerous electric wires with an insulator or minimize off the electric supply until the operation is completed.

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