Singaporean Ho fails quest for “lucky nuts’

NAKHON PATHOM: Singaporean businessman Ho Kee Wong, 52, made the journey to Wat Sawang Arom in Nakhon Pathom in central Thailand hoping to lease a fortunate peanut with 5 nuts inside the identical pod – but was turned away empty-handed.
Ho was hoping to emulate fellow Singaporean development materials trader Lee Yern Wai, fifty five, who struck it rich after acquiring one of many temple’s lucky “five-in-one” nuts.
Mr Ho stated the exceptional story of Mr Lee was well-known in Singapore.
Two years in the past, bankrupt and with no cash to take a position, Mr Lee had traveled to Thailand in pursuit of holy objects that might make him lucky once more.
A tour firm took Mr Lee to Wat Sawang Arom, the place he met a monk generally recognized as “Ajarn Pae”.
Ajarn Pae gave Mr Lee a five-nut peanut, telling him to keep it and worship it. This kind of nut was very rare in Thailand and was mentioned to make whoever possessed it fortunate in business, Ajarn Pae advised Mr Lee.
Nuts in hand, Mr Lee became more and more profitable in his various ventures, based on Mr Ho. When he went to a casino, he was extraordinarily fortunate, winning lots of of thousands of cash.
Mr Lee advised his associates his luck was because of the five-in-one peanut, which he stored on a pedestal and worshiped.
When Mr Ho heard the story, he scoured the markets in Singapore for extra five-nut jobs – however to no avail.
Determined to get his palms on one, he flew to Thailand with Malay good friend Riharn Ohroon to go to the temple.
The pair met Ajarn Pae, providing him 2,000 baht to hire one of the nuts. They additionally searched the stalls close to the temple, however have been disappointed to seek out nothing higher than four-in-ones.
Ajarn Pae advised the pair that five-in-ones have been rarer than gold. In 20 rai of peanut trees, you would possibly find just certainly one of them, he stated.
He added that 20 years ago, a pupil had donated five of them to the temple for safekeeping, saying they introduced whoever possessed them great luck in doing commerce. Ajarn Pae informed merchants within the space that he would buy the particular nuts from them for 50 baht each.
Eventually Ajarn Pae acquired about 70 of them. Underground , he has about 50 left after giving some away to pupils and individuals who had done good works for the temple..

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