Some Tak locals say the deaths of 10 males are related to a ghost looking for a husband

Locals reportedly consider that the deaths of 10 men in a group in the western province Tak, bordering Myanmar, were related… to a ghost of a widow. Unexplained have even moved away in the meanwhile till the “ghost” problem is solved. At one home, locals hung up a purple shirt with an indication that learn in Thai “No men contained in the house” in an effort to prevent the spirit from getting into and taking one other soul.
Some Thais, mostly in northeastern provinces, consider that a ghost of a widow will take men’s souls to her husbands in the afterlife. Those men are said to die unexpectedly, some wholesome with no confirmed explanation for death. When a variety of males in a community die around the identical time, like in Tak, some will say a widow spirit is haunting the realm, looking for a husband.
A 60 12 months outdated lady residing in Tak advised Thai media that greater than 10 men recently died. Some of them have been sick, but some did not have obvious conditions that would lead to demise.
Some locals were scared and thought it could be a widow ghost. To shield the boys residing at one home, individuals hung up a purple shirt in order to spoof and chase the ghost away, which is a follow that has been handed from technology to technology. Locals will also gather to make benefit at a temple..

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