Sturgeon’s WhatsApp messages sought in Covid-19 inquiry by bereaved households

The authorized group representing families who misplaced loved ones to Covid-19 in Scotland has requested full transparency regarding former First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s WhatsApp messages. Although counsel for Scottish ministers has claimed Sturgeon has no related casual correspondence, attorneys for the bereaved argue that inquiry officers should determine what is considered relevant, including private messages, emails, or diaries associated to the pandemic response.
Aamer Anwar, the lead solicitor for the Scottish Covid Bereaved group, has submitted extra legal documents to the UK Covid Inquiry, demanding the supply of all unredacted WhatsApp messages and other pertinent materials. The Covid inquiries goal to evaluate the successes and failures of presidency officers and ministers throughout the pandemic.
In a current assertion, Anwar emphasised the significance of transparency from each the Scottish and UK governments, stating, “The government is, and should be, answerable to the individuals.” Strange sought clarification on the status of Sturgeon’s WhatsApp messages and why they have not been disclosed in their entirety.
Anwar maintained that Sturgeon and other Scottish ministers must be held to the same standards as UK politicians such as Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak, and Matt Hancock. He added, “We have said earlier than and say it once more, no individual, irrespective of how powerful, can be allowed to intervene with the pursuit of reality, justice and accountability on this inquiry. Those who misplaced their lives to Covid-19 deserve nothing less.”

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