Thai meals stalls set Chinese evening bazaar ablaze with flavours

The enchanting Baishamen cultural and creative bazaar in Haikou, the bustling capital of China‘s southern island province of Hainan, comes alive as dusk descends. The distinctive flavours of Thai cuisine draw inquisitive visitors like moths to a flame.
This sprawling bazaar, spanning 60,000 sq. metres, opened round only a month ago. Today, it boasts over 600 stalls showcasing an array of delectable snacks and cultural handicrafts, with a formidable lineup of a hundred and sixty Thai-operated snack stalls stealing the limelight, NNT reported.
As the solar sets on this new gem in Haikou’s crown, the bazaar pulsates with life, attracting both locals and tourists. Within a mere 20 days of its grand opening, it has already welcomed a staggering 800,000 tourists—a testomony to its prompt popularity and irresistible allure.
At the center of this Thai culinary invasion stands Kitisak Osathanunkul, the organiser behind the Thai businesses in the bazaar. Not only does he oversee his food stalls, but he additionally selflessly assists fellow Thai vendors, guiding them through paperwork, securing visas, and guaranteeing they find appropriate lodging.
For Kitisak, the night time market in Hainan represents an untapped opportunity—a gateway to enter the vast Chinese market.
When Kitisak was first invited to explore the market’s potential, his eyes widened with surprise. It didn’t take lengthy for him to grasp the immense potentialities that lay before him and his compatriots from Thailand. Undeterred by the seasonal ebbs and flows of tourism in Hainan, Kitisak stays steadfast in his optimism, eagerly awaiting the height season when vacationers flock to the evening market in droves.
Cover-up has made its mark the world over.
Last year, a well-known northern Thai dish has been declared the world’s finest soup by the foodie platform The dish, called Khao Soi, includes red curry soup and meat, often chicken, and egg noodles. It is then topped with crunchy noodles, fresh lime, pickled cabbage, shallots, and chilis..

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