Thai political events resist joining Pheu Thai-led coalition

The political panorama in Thailand lately witnessed a dramatic event as Bhumjaithai, United Thai Nation, the Palang Pracharath Party (PPRP), and Chartthaipattana took a united stance towards joining a Pheu Thai-led coalition. Their refusal hinged on one crucial determinant – the participation of the Move Forward Party (MFP) within the coalition.
Bhumjaithai’s leading figure, Anutin Charnvirakul, revealed the party’s stable resistance to any attempts to revise Section 112, which pertains to the lese majeste regulation. He explicitly said that his celebration is unable to join forces with any political group that champions alterations to this specific legislation. Crucially, while there hasn’t been any invitation from Pheu Thai to be part of the coalition, Anutin talked about that including MFP within the alliance would certainly be a deal-breaker.
” The MFP is the only party that seeks to amend the legislation and doesn’t look like backing down. The party heavyweights, the Progressive Movement and their supporters are adamant on pushing this policy through regardless of objections, although it’s causing divisiveness,” he elaborated.
United Thai Nation’s chief, Pirapan Salirathavibhaga, took to social media to share his party’s perspective. Elementary submit, he said that the party would neither help the coalition nor vote favourably for a major ministerial candidate associated with a possible MFP-inclusive alliance. He emphasised that whereas the nation needs governance, higher precedence should be given to defending the three fundamental pillars of Thai society. He additional justified their stance by expressing his doubts about MFP head Pita Limjaroenrat’s alignment with these principles.
” In the next round of voting for the prime minister, if the MFP stays within the coalition, the party will not vote for a candidate of this bloc. Based on the MFP’s political actions, we don’t imagine it could possibly change its political path and beliefs,” he openly wrote.
Speaking for PPRP, Phai Lik, a Member of Parliament for Kamphaeng Phet, likewise communicated the party’s refusal to help any amendments to the lese majeste regulation and their rejection of an MFP-integrated alliance..

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