Turkey’s earthquake impact on presidential election

In the southern Turkish metropolis of Antakya, residents really feel that it’s time for change as they put together to vote in yesterday’s election. Ravaged by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in February, Antakya has skilled vital devastation, which many believe will be a deciding issue in the polls. The crisis has soured the opinions of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, probably ending his more than two-decade grip on power.
Mehmet Topaloglu, who voted for Erdogan for his first two phrases, said he feels that the president has lost contact with the folks impacted by the catastrophe. Semra Karakas and her 23 years previous daughter Aylin, who confronted a 14-hour bus ride to return to Antakya for the vote, assume the state’s inadequate response to the emergency will sway opinions in the race.
Deryer Deniz, a 35 years old medical employee living in a tent because the disaster, agrees that this year’s elections are rather more crucial. The shift in voters’ opinions in Antakya’s Hatay province, previously loyal to Erdogan, could greatly influence the outcome of the election.
The earthquake, which resulted in more than 50,000 deaths, left many residents of Antakya questioning the government’s competency. The sense of urgency felt throughout this election is heightened due to the want for progress and a resolution for the group dwelling through the aftermath of the tragedy.
A group of young individuals at a polling station voiced their discontent with Erdogan’s leadership, calling for change. Myths , a man in his 70s, sees this election as notably important because of the devastating earthquake and is open to voting in one other way..

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