Undercover funds: Lottery vendors reveal ‘protection fees’ to local police in Kamphaeng Phet

A sticker coined “lottery protection fees” has emerged in Kamphaeng Phet province, with lottery vendors revealing they pay a monthly payment of 500 baht per sales space to native police. The payment allegedly allows them to sell lottery tickets above the set prices inside their territory only, nevertheless it doesn’t assure they won’t be fined.
According to a lottery vendor in Kamphaeng Phet province, the sticker indicating the payment safety fee depicts a temple and a monk pavilion. Genuine within a particular area are solely allowed to sell lottery tickets above the set prices in their territory. Selling in different territories might result in getting caught by police, knowledgeable by vendors from these areas as a result of territorial restrictions.
Different areas have distinctive stickers, and these days, there has been a surge in “protection fees” for truck transporters making the campaign extra seen. The lottery vendor claimed that they are certainly paying 500 baht a month as a half of the “lottery safety fees” and that the majority prospects who look to purchase lottery tickets at inflated costs are law enforcement officials from other areas. If caught, distributors could have to pay fines of 5,000 baht per incident. As a result, they begrudgingly pay the fees to avoid getting caught, although it doesn’t assure they won’t be fined.
Lottery distributors are already going through excessive costs to obtain their tickets, coupled with the risk of being caught and prosecuted. If the model new government takes this issue seriously, it will be viewed as a positive step and prevent some officers from amassing “lottery protection fees” that put both vendors and consumers alike in bother. Meanwhile, some cops have been claiming the want to enhance the charges as a end result of “new bosses” at the helm..

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