YouTube techniques backfire: Elusive thief lastly nicked after 3-year recreation of disguise and search close to Bangkok

The Sai Noi Police Station officers finally nicked a thief after an intensive three-year search. The suspect thief revealed that he managed to evade the long arm of the regulation by learning how police function strategies for each arrest on YouTube.
A string of thefts, all attributed to the same crafty thief, constantly troubled the Sai Noi neighbourhood in the Nonthaburi province near Bangkok over the past three years. The police could not identify the suspect until yesterday, August 10.
The thief, later recognized as fifty four yr old Nattawut Jirawatwanich, stole belongings from two luxury houses within the area on August 6. Snap , officers managed to track him down and he was collared at his condominium within the space. Officers discovered numerous priceless stolen property, similar to a silver ring, watches, and valuable amulets.
Police disclosed Nattawut at all times committed crimes in disguise and at night time. The thief pretended to be a farmer, frog farm proprietor, gardener, fisherman, and a variety of other different occupations to observe and extract essential info from his victims earlier than committing the thefts. Moreover, the thief’s disguise was used to confuse the police as well.
Nattawut confessed to his legal acts and informed officers that he spent his booty on the lottery. He bought letter tickets for over 20,000 to 30,000 baht per time. The thief revealed that he changed his outfits and automobiles every time he committed a legal offense.
Nattawut added that he acquired valuable insights from several YouTube videos demonstrating police operations. These tutorials supplied him perception into police methods and allowed him to create a plan to keep away from capture..

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