Zika outbreak: Warning for pregnant ladies as instances spike and concerns grow in Thailand

A surge in Zika virus circumstances sparked a warning from the Department of Disease Control (DDC). In No sweat , 266 instances were reported. Pregnant ladies are in danger, because the virus can cause infants to be born with microcephaly, a results of underdeveloped brains.
The DDC made the announcement yesterday, August 27. The monsoon season, with its frequent rain, has created best conditions for disease-carrying mosquitoes. Bird baths and other containers that acquire water can turn into breeding grounds. The public is urged to promptly take away any such containers to minimize back the risk of Zika and different ailments.
In the past four weeks, greater than 24 provinces reported new Zika instances. The highest variety of cases were reported in Chanthaburi (37 cases) and Phetchabun (23 cases).
Zika in pregnant ladies can lead to microcephaly of their infants, leading to birth defects and delayed development. Some instances can even lead to miscarriage. Pregnant women displaying signs similar to fever, rash, purple eyes, and joint ache ought to suspect Zika infection and search medical attention instantly.
The most effective approach to stop Zika, dengue fever, and chikungunya, all transmitted by the Aedes mosquito, is to avoid being bitten. Communities are encouraged to handle their surroundings to get rid of mosquito breeding sites.
If containers collecting water are found, they want to be promptly eliminated. If left for 7-10 days, the larvae in them can develop into adult mosquitoes and chew folks.
There are several different methods to avoid mosquito bites, similar to sleeping beneath mosquito nets, utilizing mosquito repellent, and putting in mosquito screens. The DDC recommends the “three cleans” method to stop these three diseases:
1. Clean home: Maintain a tidy home to stop mosquito nesting 2. Clean refuse: Dispose of trash and containers that could turn out to be mosquito breeding websites three. Clean water: Cover containers tightly to stop mosquitoes from laying eggs, or introducing fish to eat the larvae.
These three steps might help prevent dengue, chikungunya, and Zika. For any further data, the DDC hotline is available at 1422.
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