Tiger in Kamphaeng Phet on the free for a fifth day

Of all of the misplaced issues somebody might possibly be looking for, a tiger may be amongst probably the most unnerving. But at present officers report that the seek for Vichit, a four year old Bengal tiger continues for the fifth day. The cat wandered out of its habitat in the Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary five days in the past.
The chief of the twelfth Conservation Area Administrative Office confirmed that rumours that the tiger had been hit and injured by a automotive weren’t true. The tiger is carrying a collar with an digital tag in it which alerts wildlife officers of the cat’s movement, though apparently not carefully sufficient to seize the wandering big animal.
Key monitoring signal indicated that the stray tiger continues to be wandering freely round Pang Silathong district of Kamphaeng Phet at Khao Nam Oon next to Mae Wong National Park. Officials stated they can’t ensure of after they may be succesful of seize Vichit and return the massive cat to its home setting.
Authorities have dispatched 4 park ranger groups from Mae Wong National Park to patrol the area, significantly the principle and secondary roads where the tiger and humans are more than likely to cross paths. They will patrol in Pang Silathong district between Ban Bang Manao and Khao Noi Pattanaram. A group of veterinarians are also on call in case the massive cat is found.
While one would assume it goes without saying, authorities are warning villagers, locals, and anyone who spots Vichit to immediately report the sighting and to not try to strategy or hurt the tiger..

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